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Dewsoft Solutions |Indian Software Company | Offshore Outsourcing :: Consulting | ERP,Hospital,Retail,Quality,Document,Document Management,HR,payroll,CRM Solutions
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Dewsoft Solutions |Indian Software Company | Offshore Outsourcing :: Consulting | ERP,Hospital,Retail,Quality,Document,Document Management,HR,payroll,CRM Solutions
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Dewsoft Business Backbone is an Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) tool, which will assist the Management of any organization to take right decisions at right time.
Dewsoft Business Backbone provides right information at right time, which is normally considered as an impossible task. By Dewsoft Business Backbone everything is possible. Dewsoft Business Backbone Covers all following aspects of the Business

Business Backbone Application supports environment of any Corporate Group with Multiple companies, Medium scale and small-scale companies. Due to its modular management system (MMS) the flexibility for any scale of operation is available. Business Backbone application covers different Operations of Beverage Industry such as manufacturing, storage and distribution along with transportation of all its products to its supply chain.

Incorporation of Multiple location i.e. Branches, Office, Warehouses, Distribution Center, Divisions and Representative office is made. Provision is also made to join dealers, distributors and marketing agencies. Splitting of any of the above or even a part of a company e.g. Distillation, bottling, etc. into a sub group is facilitated, which can be accounted separately for its performance, working and cost.

If your Company has an Existing software system and you would like to link only some of the modules to your systems, the Package provides you with this flexibility subjected to the compatibility.

Interfacing machines, equipments and Hardware is a unique feature integrated into the product. With some hardware support this software can be made capable of monitoring equipments, taking direct input from digital equipments and link these to the system for any type of feedback or control.

BusinessBackbone is an integrated solution for managing the complete requirements of an organization thus facilitates the following benefits: -

Provides different levels of MIS to different levels of hierarchy for taking right decisions.
Reduces approval time by providing approvals and Document Management System.
- Early Warning System.
- Mal-Practice Prevention System.
- Cash inflow Optimization.
- An Inventory optimizing tool.
Maintains minimum level of Inventory due to BOM & Engineering Planning tool.
Access security privileges assigned based on the Organization hierarchy.

Follows the strict Quality Standards of ISO for purchase, Production etc. Security privileges include Add, Edit, Delete and print options.

Online resource allocation and Production Management.

· Business Backbone bridges the information gap across the organization

· Business Backbone performs core corporate activities and increases customer service and thereby augmenting the Corporate Image Business Backbone facilitates company-wide Integrated Information System covering all functional areas like Manufacturing, Selling and distribution, Payables, Receivables, Inventory, Accounts, Human resources, Purchases etc.
· Business Backbone provides for complete integration of Systems not only across the departments in a company but also across the companies under the same management    
Product Features
Employs the Latest 3-Tier Technology (WEB- Based).
Provides connectivity of various sites to the HO and online information is available all the time.
Platform independent Windows, UNIX, LINUX.
Accessibility becomes easy for any System user.
Deployable on intranet and internet.
Integration with any Third Party Softwares.
Product Content
Sales & Distribution
Material Management
Financial Accounting
Cost Management
Fixed Asset Management
Customer Relation Management
Document Management
Work Flow Management
Shares Management
Equipment Maintenance
Work In Process (WIP)
Quality management
BOM and Engineering (Planning)
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