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Dewsoft Solutions |Indian Software Company | Offshore Outsourcing :: Consulting | ERP,Hospital,Retail,Quality,Document,Document Management,HR,payroll,CRM Solutions
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The Process manufacturing anticipates as many factors as possible to assist businesses in the process industry, which typically involves mixing, separating, forming, or performing chemical reactions (for example, paint manufacturers or refineries). This industry includes criteria for determining batch control and reporting, formula and routing, and material management capabilities.

At the heart of Product Development for process manufacturing is your ability to design and manage all your formulas. You need an audit trail on your experimentation to take the mystery out of success and make it repeatable.. Experimentation with the new formulas should be just as easy as the maintenance of your tried-and-true formulas.

Dewsoft's integrated Process Manufacturing ERP(MIPS) application suite provides managers and business owners an enhanced view of their entire business, enabling them to make more accurate and timely decisions. Features and capabilities of the Dewsoft’s MIPS ERP Process Manufacturing product include co-product, by-product, and recycle handling; catch weight; yield; ISA S88 compliant model definition; and trial formulation and new product development. It also features and accommodates user-designed document templates, multiple pack sizes, master production schedule, material requirements planning, rough-cut capacity planning, and production order lifecycle management.

  MIPS is formula- and not BOM-based, with ingredients added by prescribed proportions measured by either volume or weight. It also supports multi-level formulas and easy material substitutions. Using Dewsoft’s MIPS for new and current product development includes the use of formula management, laboratory, and samples management to bring dependability to your process manufacturing warehouse. To provide flawless process manufacturing benefits, MIPS also offers material and capacity planning.

The Forecasting module gives you the option to allow Master Production Schedule (MPS) to include sales order forecast quantities as anticipated item demands. The Forecasting module allows you to define sales forecasts, and enter appropriate forecast details (such as the item quantities and warehouses for which the forecasts are being defined). You may then link one or more sales forecasts to each schedule. This allows you to include numerous sales forecasts in each MRP run performed for a schedule. If your product is formula- or recipe-based, Dewsoft’s Process Manufacturing ERP will dramatically improve your company's operating effectiveness and efficiencies.

Dewsoft solutions have been the catalyst for striking improvements in such critical areas as quality assurance, order fulfillment, and asset optimization - all major factors in giving you a competitive edge in the marketplace.
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