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Dewsoft Solutions |Indian Software Company | Offshore Outsourcing :: Consulting | ERP,Hospital,Retail,Quality,Document,Document Management,HR,payroll,CRM Solutions
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Processing employees’ payments is something every employer has to do. With the introduction of complex payroll legislation over recent years, employers are finding it increasingly difficult to cope with the amount of paperwork involved in processing payments manually, not to mention the need to keep up with the changes to legislation and the many calculations involved.

Designed specifically for growing businesses, Dewsoft’s Payroll offers flexibility with easy to use facilities that enable you to process your employees’ payments without the need to understand the complexities of payroll legislation. Even without prior experience, you can set up and run Dewsoft’s Payroll easily and quickly, with all gross and net pay, Income tax and Professional tax figures calculated automatically, leaving you time to concentrate on growing your business.

Best of all, you can have the confidence and peace of mind that your payroll is being calculated correctly, since Dewsoft’s Payroll is a up to date product and covers all those areas considered essential for the accurate calculation of tax, National Insurance, tax credits and statutory payments.
Benefits : -
Multiple Company Environments
Create separate setups for each individual company. Handle a Group Company environment.
Infinite Allowance Heads
Create infinite allowance heads with changing requirements of your organization. Handle Earnings & Deductions, Arrears, Perquisites, Loan calculation, Overtime calculation and. Cash Reimbursements.
Robust Formula Builder : Set your own parameters
Payroll robust formula builder enables you to define formulas for all calculations with great ease and simplicity helping to incorporate with changing managerial and statutory policies. Payroll is therefore completely code independent. The formula builder enables defining of Grade wise, department wise, branch wise formulas, Conditional formulas, Simple and complex formulas.
Compute Income Tax and Professional Tax
Income Tax and Professional Tax can be easily computed using payroll.
Comprehensive Report Writer : Empowering management
Payroll features a robust report writer, which enables creation of unlimited reports, based on any combination of parameters as may be required by the management for analytical purposes in a matter of minutes.
Export Facility for Reports
Reports generated through Payroll can be easily exported in 6 formats and the same can be e-mailed to employees using the e-mail facility.
Strong Security : The Tops
Payroll incorporates a stringent multi level security feature thereby giving the management complete control on each and every action of each and every employee at various levels like:
2. Company level
3. Menu level
4. Form level
5. Event level
Innovative User Defined & HTML Help : No more manuals
Payroll provides Windows based html help adhering to international standards. It is comprehensive and easily navigable through links and powerful search facilities. Additionally, Payroll also provides for user-defined help so as to enable you to make your own personal notes for future references.
Product Features
Multiple Companies can be maintained in single installation.
Can be integrated with Tally, other ERP system.
Along with the personal information Employees photo can be attached.
Single and Multi user pack available.
Unlimited user-defined reports with no constraints on number of columns.
Report data can be exported to different formats like Excel, PDF, Text, RTF and HTML.
Maintenance of user activity details.
Ability to freeze data through 'Audit Hold' features.
Drag & Drop feature; all the user-defined features such as Formula builder, report builder, pay slip preparation needs just a mouse click, drag and drop the parameter selected by you in the preview screen there by creating a hassle-free environment.
System maintains a Log Register, which includes details of all the modifications done such as the date, time, type and value of modification there by installing accountability in the organization.
Product Content
Salary Processing
Tax & Statutory Processing
Personal Information System
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